About Project

Gender dimension of active ageing implementation in the Czech private and public sector in comparison with western countries

Aim of the project

Based on the results of international cooperation within the approved ISCH COST Action IS1409, using scientific methodology, the project aims to better grasp the meaning of the gender dimension in implementing and promoting active ageing, mostly with respect to the economic well-being of aging workers in the Czech private and public sector as compared with the western countries. Emphasis will be laid on the support for international cooperation with research institutions of the COST member states. The membership of the project owner Martina Rašticová in the Management Committee of ISCH COST Action IS1409 will provide a sufficient guarantee of successful international cooperation http://www.cost.eu/.

Project objective definition

The project’s clear definitions include:

  1. analysis of the current active ageing policies with an emphasis on gender and economic well-being at national, public and private sector levels and a comparative analysis with the policies of selected European countries. To be accomplished by 12/2016,
  2. analysis of the EU-SILC and SHARE databases focusing on the national situation and on cross-country comparison. To be accomplished by 06/2017,
  3. creation and maintenance of a project Czech website referring to the COST Action IS1409 website and serving as an international database for the members of the research team and as a dissemination tool for the research outcomes. To be accomplished by 4/2016,
  4. development of new gender sensitive methods of measuring economic well-being and active ageing. To be accomplished by 12/2017,
  5. sharing of international expertise while applying the tool to analysing the men’s and women’s life careers in the 50-64 and 65+ age brackets. To be accomplished by 12/2017.
  6. The project will significantly improve cross-border cooperation and the creation of international networks of experts from academia, public sector, and private companies, which will guarantee the dissemination of the project outcomes (see above) as well as its long-term sustainability. To be accomplished by 12/2017.