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The European Society for New Methods in Agricultural Research (ESNA) is an international society originally established in Wageningen (The Netherlands) in 1969. The aim of the Society (originally European Society of Nuclear Methods in Agriculture) was to advance cooperation in Europe (between the West and the East) in the application of nuclear techniques and biotechnologies to research and technology related to all aspects of production and processing of plant and animal products.


In the course of time the original scope of ESNA has changed and now the Society covers aspects of environmental protection and application of new methods and biotechnologies in agricultural research. At present the Society has 3 Working Groups concerned with specific scientific or technological problems, and organizes annual meetings in various European countries. The scientific programme of the meetings is devoted to fundamental and applied issues from the above-mentioned areas. Since 1969, ESNA has held more than 40 annual meetings in various European countries. For further information about ESNA and the rules of ESNA activities see here.

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Membership of the Society is open to any European scientific or technological body or any individual from a European country who could assist in furthering the aims and objectives of the society. In special cases individuals or institutes from non-European countries may be admitted as Corresponding members of the ESNA.

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